May 6, 2021

The Benefits of Systems & Processes

The world functions on systems.

God is the originator of systems. He created systems that flow all year round. The entire world, including our bodies, runs on systems.

What is a System?


A system is a set of things working together in an organised way to achieve a certain goal. A system may consist of processes all working together towards a function.


What is a Process?

A process is a series of things done together to achieve a particular result. Oxford Dictionary.

A process has clear steps and forms a part of a system.


In a business, a system is the core structure/function you have to implement in your business, while processes are all the steps you take to make the system work.

In a business, there are a number of different systems you need to grow or scale.

Some of them include:

  • Operations System
  • Sales System
  • Marketing System
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Human Resources System

This list is not exhaustive.

So why use systems?


Good Stewardship

The bible describes us as stewards. When you have systems you will be being a good steward of both your time and resources. God has designed us for more and creating systems ensure we are able to do much more in our businesses for Him.


Scalability and Longevity

In order to scale, you must have systems in place. If you want to grow a business that will outlive you, systems will help. Your team and future CEO’s of your company will benefit from knowing how you have achieved your goals.


Great Customer Service and Retention

A system/process ensures you treat your customers fairly as a standard process will be used for each of them. Also, it ensures that you serve them better and you see gaps quickly in your service, so you make amends promptly. When your customers are happy, they refer you to others and you earn more.


Effective Monitoring

Having a system/process means you can effectively monitor results in your organisation. You can see clearly where the ball is dropped and make changes when necessary.


Eases Decision Making

Decision making is so much easier when you have a system/process. 



One way of saving time and money is by automating processes. When you have a system or process in place, you can see clearly where automation can be set up. Automation saves you time and improves efficiency.



Your team are clear about their roles. Imagine hiring a new team member and all your processes are already written down, your new hire only needs to be directed to the relevant folders to get the information he/she needs to start working. You save so much time if all the necessary information he/she needs is already available and within reach.


Consistency and Efficiency

Consistency in service delivery, consistency in operations management, consistency in your brand message are just a few of the benefits of systems and processes. You are therefore more likely to be efficient, ensuring time is used judiciously.



As a business owner, being in control of your organisation is important for growth to take place. Systems and processes help you to achieve that. You are able to control how your organisation runs without the stress of wearing all the hats because your team know what you need to be done and how. Also, you are able to take time off work knowing your business is running as it should.


Systems and processes save you money and make you money too. They help you to focus on improving your services/product and serving more people. They give you time to grow and scale a business you love and also give you time to do the things that matter to you aside from work. Time to be with your loved ones or to travel or do missions or ministry.


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